Driveline Product Range

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Universal Joint Cross

  • Everest universal joint crosses are maunfactured with fine grain alloy steel for un-equaled strength.
  • to ensure seamless quality, the universal joint crosses are tested on various predefined parameter to ensure accuracy.
  • universal joint cup bearing are sealed with special seal to ensure no dust ingress (designed for off-road & mining application), better performance, increased life & zero maintenance. 
  • Superior material grade for extra heavy duty application 
  • perma lube grease for high temperature & grease less application 
  • Thick needle roller for longer life 
  • Specially designed for mining application 
  • Profile grinding for high accuracy. 

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Cross Holder

  • For achieving dimensional accuracy of the cross holder& half yoke ends, all the item are gauged at every machining center at the time of manufacturing.
  • Entire lot manufactured is subjected to metallurgical analysis.
  • 100 % forging are subjected to magna flux testing for internal crack detection 

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Slip Yoke

  • Indo everest manufacturer wide varity of yoke & teeth set suitable for commercial vehicle, earthmoving equipments & industrial Application
  • Yoke & Teeth set are manufactured from supreme grade forged material at our well equipped state of art manufacturing unit in conformity to the O.E standard of quality.
  • Yoke & teeth are manufactured  to meet the customer's expection even in most demanding application (Mining).
  • High level control on internal stresses setup in the material after the heat treatment process.

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Sliding Tube

  • The benefits of using glide coated splines or PTFE teeth are to reduce vibration which in turns improve the life of the product & reduce noise.
  • Glide coating has outstanding resistance property to corrision, abrasion & weathering.
  • Further it has excellent wear & impact resistance, very low friction co-efficient which improve sliding property.
  • Excellent durability & UV resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion (Tightening Effect), flexibility, machining suitability.

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Mid Shift Tube Shaft

  • We manufacture more than 60 varieties of front end pc. for series of spicer, RSB,MSL,Etc
  • The core of product is our raw material, we procure high alloy steel for manufacturing mid shift shaft.
  • All forged part are toughened and the we go ahead for machining process.

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Companion Flanges

  • All the Companion Flanges are manufactured on CNC Machines.
  • We manufacture a total 350 variety of Companion flanges suitable for gear box (GB 40, GB 60, GB 75,,GB 1150, ZF, EATON, 9 Speed), center joint kit& differential (input,output& Thru shaft)
  • The flanges are tested on various pre-defined parameter to maintain accuracy.
  • The flanges are coated with with special coat to increase their life& also improve their aesthetics

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Propeller Shaft Tube

  • We manufacture tube as per OE grade, standard & specification
  • Grade of raw material is specially drafted for propeller shaft application to serve the purpose of high tensile strength & high resistance againest twisting mechanism
  • the size & Tolerances are maintain in such a way that while assembling the components no machining required on mating parts (Stub ball yoke, or Sliding tube, front teeth) resulting in huge demand of everest propellor shaft tube.

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Interaxle Assembly

  • We manufacture dynamically balanced cardan shaft & inter-axle assemblies for vibration free performance.
  • We manufacture propeller shafts for the range of torque carrying capacity of Nm to 17500Nm.
  • Our shaft are characterized by high performance value & low NVH (Noise, vibration & harshness)property & high Torsional strength.

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Sub Assemblies

  • We manufacture widest variety of sub assembly for spicer, MSL, Tata, RSB, application.
  • All assembly are assembled on automated hydraulic machine which control torque value of child parts as per required parameter
  • We manufacture sub assembly on customised requirement also